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Rain clouds

June 13, 2015
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Enough with the rain!  Give it to those that need it!! 

Ps, oops, I meant to post this on my other Blog.

I Miss The Desert….

May 19, 2015
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I miss the desert…because I am in cold, gray Wisconsin, so I created this mandala and haiku.

I miss the desert.   

National Pi Day

March 14, 2015
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3-14 is National Pi Day.  3,1 and 4 are the three most significant digits of pi in the decimal form and it coincides with the date of 3-14.

Pi Ku is combination of haiku and pi.  Haiku’s formula is 5, 7,5 syllables while Pi Ku’s formula is 3,1,4. Here’s mine:

‘Pie contest


Just some math fun’

Have a fun Pi day.

White On Black Mandala

November 29, 2014
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Its just for practice

White on black is always good

But it’s just practice

Wild Mushroom

September 23, 2014




This wild mushroom
Beautiful and colorful
But deadly to eat

Autumn Leaves Mandala

August 30, 2014


Leaves are the players
While autumn is the artist
Creating magic

Quilt Mandala

August 25, 2014


Beautiful fabric

inspired me to sew

bright and happy quilts

i haven’t sewed in a very long time and was recently organizing my fabric.

i found a quilt top almost done so I finished it.

when I looked at all that beautiful,fabric I sat down and created this mandala and haiku.

This is it


My choice of fabric mimics my choices in art 😊

i am using my iPad to create this so not sure how it will work.



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