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St Patrick’s Day Mandala

March 17, 2017

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

A St Patrick Day Mandala with haiku:

          ‘Celebrate the green

            Love, luck and Irish kisses

            It’s St Patrick’s Day’

Experiment To Art

January 5, 2017

I started using my 2017 Hobonichi planner and am trying to get used to the different format. Yesterday I decided I didn’t like what I was doing so tried something else. Fountain pen ink is fabulous on this paper, just glides over it. I wondered how watercolor would work. Not so much, but then I realized I paint with a lot of water and that’s what didn’t work. So I blotted it off.

Then I decided to make a mandala over the light color and wrote my frustration in circles. 

So I turned an experiment into a piece of art fun.

Memory Bits Mandala

December 15, 2016
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Somedays I just have to create a mandala. This haiku got changed several times during the progression of the mandala. The change depends on what my mind reveals.  

          ‘Those tiny pieces 

            Swirling around the daisies

            Bits of memories’

Done with fountain pens and different colored inks.

Watching It Grow

November 22, 2016

The fun thing about making mandalas is how they develop and grow. I usually have something in mind when I start based on a haiku that I wrote. During the creative process the mandalas and haiku both change and grow to something entirely different. Kind of a mind over pen. 😊


          ‘Changing and growing

            Watching the evolution

            From line to beauty’

Love Mandala

November 17, 2016
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I just thought it would be fun to create a mandala on a torn piece of brown paper and fill it with daisies and add a haiku:

‘Love is the answer

Whatever the question is

Love is the answer’

Day 5 Mandala Magic

November 14, 2016

This is Day 5 of Mandala Magic. I was supposed to use. a Compass to make flowers from circles. I couldn’t get it to work properly so I just did this, math major that I am.😄. But I like this one full of daisies. Of course.

Just call me a renegade.😄. I guess sacred geometry and I will never be friends 


          Daisies or just weeds

          No matter what life deals you

          The sun still comes up

Mandala Magic Day 4

November 12, 2016

Day 4 of Mandala Magic. The basic design of three fingers and two thumbs is called a ‘hamsa’ which is a protection symbol to ward off evil. I did it but it just strikes me as too strange and I did not enjoy making it at all. I don’t know, maybe there is no evil around to ward off 😄


          ‘The all seeing eye

            Nestled in the hamsa hand

            Warding off evil’