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Happy New Year Mandala

January 1, 2008

May 2008 be creative and happy!

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  1. Bonny permalink
    January 1, 2008 4:28 pm

    This one is so funky!

    Perfect for a blustery January 1st (here, anyway.)Itamazes me how you keep coming up with these designs!

  2. January 1, 2008 4:53 pm

    Thanks Bonny. Doing these is one of those ‘let my mind take over and design’ kind of things. I love doing them and will be following exercises in a new mandala book as soon as life settles down.

  3. January 1, 2008 7:37 pm

    OOOh! It’s sooooo happy looking!
    Happy, happy new year to you

  4. Lisa at Greenbow permalink
    January 1, 2008 8:13 pm

    You must have great patience to make these mandalas. I think they are very intersting. So much creativity to make so many different ones. I often wonder how you got started making these. I had never heard of them before I saw them on your blog.

  5. January 1, 2008 8:19 pm

    Thanks Bec and Lisa. I got started on these a few years ago after reading an article on mandalas. I did them on and off and they finally began taking over my art blog so I started this one and dedicated it to my mandalas only.

    Try it sometime. I just make a circle, then some lines and before I know it I am in the ‘zone’ and am always amazed what I have when I finish. It’s kind of like meditating.

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