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I’m Back!

August 1, 2014

Two daisies are good
Three is even better
I’m back creating


Here’s one I forgot
I will use it to come back
And create again!

A little note: I closed this blog down two years ago because I was finding my art on pinterest and usually without credit to me.

I was upset to say the least.

Today I posted one of my past mandalas in ‘Artist Journal Workshop’ on Facebook and it received so much interest and wonderful comments I decided to open my blog again.

I was going to sit down and create a mandala and found I had done one in June.  Serendipity!

Thanks for great friends

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  1. August 1, 2014 3:31 pm

    Whoot! Congrats, Teri! I’m glad you opened this! Now I really have to get busy creating one! 😉

  2. August 1, 2014 3:41 pm

    Thanks Minerva! I’ll be watching for yours. They are so fun and so meditative.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow permalink
    August 2, 2014 8:08 am

    Good to see you back. I love your mandalas and haikus.

  4. August 2, 2014 8:41 am

    Thanks Lisa! This is the first time I am really inspired since his cancer surgery. Life is getting back to normal.

  5. August 24, 2014 4:41 pm

    Happy to see you here, Teri. Love your drawings and sketches. Another blogger friend told on her WP blog site a while back (months ago I think) about some of her photographs being shown or posted on Pinterest without proper credit to her, so then started putting her name into each and every photo. I have unfortunately not done that with all of my own, but am now trying to remember to put my name into my photos as well, so one just has to be on the watch for things like that. I will look forward to seeing your things here when posted. God bless.

  6. August 24, 2014 6:00 pm

    Thanks Joyce. I have also experienced that issue with pinterest and now I plaster my name on everything. I think once you are burned you tend to not forget to do it and now it is a habit.

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