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Rain clouds

June 13, 2015
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Enough with the rain!  Give it to those that need it!! 

Ps, oops, I meant to post this on my other Blog.

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  1. June 13, 2015 9:58 am

    We’ve had plenty here, too, with the flooding again. But, they warn that once all this begins to dry out it will again open up for the potential wildfires, so there is often no ‘in between’ that suits all. 🙂

  2. Lisa at Greenbow permalink
    June 13, 2015 11:53 am

    Send it our way…. Beautiful clouds though.

  3. June 13, 2015 7:33 pm

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could share weather?! I hope so,done shares sunshine with me soon 😄

  4. June 13, 2015 7:34 pm

    Is that like, ‘dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t?’ Happy mediums would be so nice. 😊

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